July 6th 100-lap race! 

What a week!

We had many things to over come the week of the 6th.

Man it was hot and if you were there you know what Iím talking about. Most of the cars there seemed to have the opposite problem that we had. Brandon said the car was driving like a pig! We had a real bad push and we couldnít seem to get it to stop pushing. Brandon was very concerned about the car getting worst as the night went on. 

  With out telling the whole world what our set up was and what our strategy was for the 100-lap race.

  Iíll say this; we couldnít make the car good for the first part of the race. I told Brandon that I thought the car would get better the more laps we ran, the main thing was we had to be there at the end of the race and get ourselves in position to get the win, and not to go a lap down. We will get the car better this year, but we just havenít found the right setup yet, but we will!

The car did get better as the night went on, the more laps the better it got up to a point. The race leader was very fast and about a ľ of a lap behind us and we got stuck behind a lap car. The car behind us didnít want to go a lap down either and the leader was all over him, according to track officials we the 316 did not get a move over flag but the lapped car in front of us did and the car behind us did.  But as fate would have it, in turn two the race leader cut a tire when he and the 24 bumped and they both spun.  That was at about lap 50. 

We ran our race and finished 5th.

A fifth place finish was a great finish for this new team. I think there were 23 late model cars there for the 100-lap race.

  Iím very proud of everyone for all the hard work we all have done this year.

 I want to thank Jackie my wife, Clarence Sturdivant (my Dad), David, Ernie, Corry, Ed, Tom, and Brandon for your help and all the work you have done. Thank you very much and May God bless you for the work and help on this team

I thank God for his blessings when we returned and looked over the car and tires, the right front had gashes in it and I thank God it didnít blow out during the 100-lap race.

Gary Sturdivant


JC Racing Team, Inc.


Take care and God bless!
Gary & Jackie
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