Christmobile Wins Most Favorite!

I want to thank everyone who came out and voted for us and our Driver as the track favorite! Brandon Moncrief 2002 driver of the Christmobile!

The Full Story!

First of all Brittany was great!

She did a great job singing the National Anthem and got a standing ovation! The track said she was welcome back to sing anytime!

As you know the track had a contest to see who had the most fans.  This was so the drivers would try to get people there to help the track sell tickets and pack the stands. And pack the stands they did!

The story!

If you didn’t get to come out to the track you missed a great night of racing!

There were about 26 late model cars there for the race, we qualified 12th and finished 5th. 

Great Job Brandon! Now more about the Most Favorite!



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MT. VERNON, Ky. (Oct. 8) – I-75 Speedway’s unique “Pack The Track” promotion on Saturday, October 5 resulted in an extremely popular driver and racing team doubling their payoff on Godfather’s Pizza/Subway Night at the Races.

Under the rules of the promotion, paid spectators were allowed to declare their favorite driver and race team when entering the facility.

In what amounted to a landslide victory, the JC Racing Team of Mason, Ohio, and the #316 “Christmobile” driver, Brandon Moncrief of Corbin, Ky., were the overwhelming choice of the racing fans.

The voting resulted in the team’s payoff being doubled for the 30-lap  Late Model feature race, in which Moncrief finished fifth in the 25-car field.

The JC Racing Team is a unique story in itself.  The team was organized by Sturdivant and his wife, Jackie, about four years ago.

As a minister, Sturdivant was looking for ways to “get attention for the Lord,” and had realized that auto racing was becoming increasingly more popular – so it seemed like an ideal opportunity to take the Christian message to a receptive audience.

“It took us a long time to get out on the track,” Sturdivant says, “but we’re very pleased with where we are today.  Jackie is very helpful as she can do just about anything.  She helps in the pits with air pressure adjustments and technical info like fuel mileage, tire temperatures, and weight management.  During the actual racing, she serves as one of Brandon’s spotters, keeping him informed about track conditions and cars around him on the radio.  And we really love racing at I-75 Speedway.  It’s a great track.”

In addition to the race car, the team has a street showcar painted in the same scheme which is driven in parades, etc.  Also, the race car is displayed at car shows, shopping centers, and at special events.

“People stop and take pictures of it all the time,” Sturdivant says.

Putting the race car on display immediately gets people’s attention, and this allows the Sturdivant's to deliver their Christian message.  They’re not overbearing about it, they simply want to get the word out and are happy when someone is listening.

“We use the racing to tell people that Jesus cares about them,” Sturdivant explains.  “We also reach young children with the race car toys, and especially teenagers who might not otherwise be in a church and have the opportunity to hear anything about the gospel...”  

It’s a complete family operation.  The Sturdivant's’ young daughter, Brittany, has sung the National Anthem twice at I-75 Speedway and has been given a standing  ovation each time.  Needless to say, she’s been invited back to sing again at the track anytime she wishes.  

The family has a rapport with track officials because of their sincerity.

“They’re just really nice folks,” comments Mike Duenser, general manager of I-75 Speedway.  “They bring samples of one of their sponsor’s products – Big Bob’s Barbecue Sauce – to our announcer for him to give to fans through drawings, and they also like to give their racecar toys to youngsters at the track.”

Moncrief, their driver, has been involved in racing for years, starting as many successful drivers have, in the go-kart ranks.  His latest accomplishment has been racing in the Southern All-Star Racing Series.  

His best finish in the #316 Christmobile has been third.  He also finished fifth in the inaugural Kentucky Late Model Challenge at I-75 Speedway, and he has four top ten finishes with three in the top five.

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